Transitioning Sold Out Badge to Free Delivery Badge in Shopify Spotlight Theme

Hello, and welcome to our latest eCommerce discussion focused on the Spotlight theme's Free Shipping badge. As a Shopify Expert and Content Marketer, I understand the importance of optimizing your online store to attract and retain customers. In this post, we will delve into how to transition the sold out badge in the Spotlight theme to a Free Delivery badge when items are in stock.

Challenges and Solutions

One common issue faced by many online retailers is the limited flexibility in customizing badges within themes. The Spotlight theme, while sleek and modern, may lack the built-in functionality to display dynamic badges based on stock availability. This can be frustrating for businesses aiming to highlight offers such as free shipping.

Guide to Implementing Free Shipping Badge

To transition the sold out badge to a Free Delivery badge in the Spotlight theme, follow these steps:

  1. Access Theme Files: Begin by accessing the theme files in your Shopify backend.
  2. Locate Product Template: Locate the section within the product template where the badge is displayed.
  3. Code Customization: Implement custom code to change the badge text based on product availability. You may need to consult with a developer for this step.
  4. Testing: Ensure to thoroughly test the functionality across different products to confirm the badge switch.
  5. Optimization: Consider further optimizations such as displaying the badge prominently to attract customer attention.


Q: Can I use a different badge design for the Free Delivery offer?

A: Yes, you can customize the badge design to align with your brand aesthetics.

Q: Will this customization impact the theme's responsiveness?

A: Properly implemented customizations should not hinder the theme's responsiveness.

Q: How can I revert to the original settings if needed?

A: Save a backup of the theme files before making changes to easily revert to the original settings.

In conclusion, optimizing your eCommerce store with a Free Delivery badge can enhance the customer shopping experience and boost conversion rates. By following the detailed guide provided in this post, you can seamlessly transition from the sold out badge to a more enticing Free Delivery badge. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to our team of experts. Happy selling!