Removing Store Name from Homepage Title for SEO Optimization

Hi everyone, I am currently using the free "Refreshing" theme, and in Online Store > References, the homepage title part is "The Number #1 Place For Snus in Vietnam | Deliver to all of Vietnam!". However, when searching up my store on Google, it kept showing "SnusLAB: The Number #1 Place For Snus in Vietnam | Deliver to all of Vietnam!". I would like to remove the "SnusLAB:" part at the beginning for better SEO purposes. From what I've read this can be solved in the theme code, could someone have a look please, I would really really appreciate it since it has been days trying figure this out. In my theme.liquid, my <title> code is: <title>{{ page_title }}{%- if current_tags %} – tagged "{{ current_tags | join: ', ' }}"{% endif -%}{%- if current_page != 1 %} – Page {{ current_page }}{% endif -%}{%- unless page_title contains %} – {{ }}{% endunless -%}</title> How would I change it so it removes the "SnusLAB:" (store name) at the beginning? Greatly appreciate any help!### Reasons and Causes: The issue of the store name appearing in the homepage title can arise due to the theme code structure where the shop name is concatenated with the page title. This can lead to SEO problems as the search engine results might display the unwanted store name, affecting the overall site visibility and click-through rates. Similar problems can occur in various themes where the store name is automatically added to the page titles, causing confusion and inconsistency in branding.### Solution Guide: To fully solve the problem of removing the store name from the home page title, follow these steps: 1. Locate the theme.liquid file in the Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code. 2. Find the <title> section containing the code snippet mentioned in the post. 3. Modify the code to exclude the shop name from the page title. 4. Save the changes and test the homepage title in Google search results. For the specific code provided, you can update the section 'unless page_title contains' to 'if current_page == 1' to remove the store name from the homepage title.### Questions and Answers:Q: Why is it important to remove the store name from the homepage title for SEO?A: Removing the store name helps in focusing the title on relevant keywords and improves the site's ranking in search engine results.Q: Can similar issues occur in other eCommerce platforms apart from Shopify?A: Yes, similar problems can be encountered in different platforms where the theme structure includes the automatic addition of store names to page titles.Q: How can I ensure the store name is dynamically included in other pages but not in the homepage title?A: You can customize the theme code to conditionally display the store name based on the page type or location within the site. This way, you can maintain branding consistency without compromising SEO.### Conclusion: Removing the store name from the homepage title is crucial for optimizing SEO and enhancing the visibility of your eCommerce store. By following the provided solution guide and addressing the reasons behind the issue, you can achieve a cleaner and more effective homepage title that aligns with your SEO strategy.