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Order confirmation email customization for subscription customers

Many eCommerce store owners face the challenge of managing different types of customers, particularly regarding order confirmation emails. In this blog post, we will delve into the issue faced by George, a store owner with a significant portion of subscription customers, and provide a detailed guide on how to customize order confirmation emails for subscription customers on Shopify.

The Problem

George's store receives a large number of orders from subscribers who receive a product on a monthly basis. The primary issue he encounters is that when a subscription order is placed, the customers receive the same order confirmation email as one-time purchasers. This can lead to confusion among subscribers who do not require the same information as one-time purchasers in their confirmation email. George seeks a solution to either prevent the order confirmation email from being sent to subscription customers or customize the content of the email based on the customer type.

Reasons and Causes

The standard Shopify setup sends a generic order confirmation email to all customers upon order placement. This cookie-cutter approach may not cater to the specific needs and expectations of subscription customers who have different order patterns and requirements. Lack of customization options within the platform can make it challenging for store owners like George to differentiate between customer types and tailor the communication accordingly.

Solving the Problem

To address George's dilemma and customize order confirmation emails for subscription customers, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Identify Subscription Customers: Utilize Shopify's customer tagging or segmentation feature to distinguish subscription customers from one-time purchasers.

  2. Modify Email Templates: Access Shopify's email template settings and create a new template specifically for subscription orders. Include relevant information such as upcoming shipment dates and subscription details.

  3. Automate Email Triggers: Use Shopify's automation tools to trigger the new email template only for subscription orders while retaining the standard order confirmation email for other customers.

  4. Testing and Optimization: Ensure the new email template is working correctly by placing test subscription orders and monitoring the email delivery process.

  5. Feedback Loop: Gather feedback from subscription customers to refine the email content and make necessary improvements.

By following these steps, George can streamline the order communication process for his subscription customers and provide a personalized experience that aligns with their subscription model.


Q: Can I customize the order confirmation email content for specific customer groups on Shopify?

A: Yes, by creating custom email templates and utilizing Shopify's tagging or segmentation features, you can tailor the email content based on customer types.

Q: Will modifying email templates affect the overall branding and consistency of my store?

A: No, you can design the custom email templates to align with your store's branding guidelines while catering to the unique needs of different customer segments.

Q: How can I ensure that the new email templates are GDPR compliant?

A: Review and update the email templates to include necessary GDPR disclosures and opt-out options for customers.

In conclusion, customizing order confirmation emails for subscription customers is essential for enhancing the customer experience and meeting their specific needs. By implementing the recommended steps and leveraging Shopify's features, George and other store owners can create a more personalized and efficient communication strategy for their subscription customers.