How to Integrate Klayvio's Embedded Form with Postscripts for Seamless SMS Marketing

Hello,  I am not sure if Shopify Experts will be able to help me on this issue because it has to do with Shopify apps rather than Shopify websites itself.  I was wondering if it is possible to use an embedded form and pop ups on my website through klayvio but everything else regarding sms like campaigns, automations, segments  on the postscripts app. The only reason I am inquiring about this is because I truly do not like the format of postscripts embedded sign up for, but love klayvios. It is more professional and minimal. This is something I want for my brand. It is not big or bulky like postscripts Is (see pictures below) I have inserted pictures of what klayvios embedded form looks like and what postscripts embedded form looks like. I have integrated klayvio onto postscripts, but I am not sure what that means or what happens, and if my inquiry is possible to do. Please let me know if anyone can give me information on this. My website is / password: Zombies10! Thank you in advance! Here is the klayvio embedded form: Here is the postscripts embedded form: Blog focus on keyword: "klayvio embedded form" Content included: - Give reasons and causes of the above problem and similar problems. - Write a detail guide to fully solve the problem mentioned in the above topic in 2000 words. - List some questions and answers related to the above topic. Use markdown to format the content.## Reasons and Causes of the Problem:When it comes to using different Shopify apps to enhance your eCommerce store, compatibility and design elements can often present challenges. In the case of integrating an embedded form and pop-ups from Klayvio with other SMS marketing tools like Postscripts, the discrepancy in formatting and aesthetics can be a major concern. The differences in design preferences can impact the overall branding and user experience, making it essential to find a seamless solution.## Detailed Guide to Solving the Problem:To address the issue of using Klayvio's embedded form alongside Postscripts for your SMS marketing efforts, follow these steps:1. Evaluate Integration Options: Start by reviewing the integration capabilities of both Klayvio and Postscripts. Look for any built-in features or settings that allow for smooth integration between the two apps.2. Custom Code Implementation: If the default integration options are limited, consider using custom code to align the embedded forms from both apps. This requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript to ensure a cohesive design.3. Test and Optimize: Once the integration is in place, thoroughly test the functionality of the embedded forms on your website. Make sure they display correctly, function as intended, and provide a seamless user experience.4. Gather Feedback: Collect feedback from users and analyze data on form submissions and conversions to identify any areas for improvement. Make iterative changes based on insights gained from user interaction.5. Monitor Performance: Regularly monitor the performance of your integrated forms to ensure they continue to meet your branding and marketing objectives. Adjust strategies as needed to optimize results.## Questions and Answers:Q: Can I use Klayvio's embedded form with Postscripts seamlessly?A: While direct integration may not be available out of the box, custom coding and thorough testing can help achieve a cohesive design.Q: How can I maintain a professional and minimalistic look for my forms across different apps?A: Focus on design consistency, pay attention to details like color schemes and typography, and seek feedback from users to refine the appearance.Q: What are the key considerations when integrating multiple apps on Shopify?A: Compatibility, design coherence, and user experience should be top priorities to ensure a seamless and efficient online shopping experience.