How to Fix Product Titles Generating Links on Mobile Devices

Links keep showing up in product page on mobile

On mobile devices, you may encounter a peculiar issue where product titles unexpectedly generate links, leading users to unintentional actions such as initiating a phone call upon clicking. This phenomenon can be quite frustrating and may impact the user experience on your eCommerce website. If you've been facing this problem and are unsure of how to tackle it, read on for insights on the causes and solutions.

Reasons and Causes

Several factors can contribute to product titles generating links on mobile. This issue is often related to the formatting and styling applied to text elements within your website's design. For instance, certain HTML or CSS configurations might inadvertently create hyperlinks out of plain text, causing these unexpected behaviors.

Moreover, it could be a result of how mobile browsers interpret specific text patterns or encoding within the content. This can lead to the automatic detection of phone numbers or addresses, prompting the browser to hyperlink these elements for quick access.

Solving the Problem

To address the problem of generating links from product titles on mobile devices, follow these steps:

  1. Inspect Your Code - Begin by reviewing the HTML and CSS code responsible for rendering product titles on your website. Look for any styling rules or attributes that could inadvertently trigger hyperlink behaviors.

  2. Avoid Auto-Formatting - Disable any automatic text formatting features that could be converting plain text into clickable links. Pay attention to plugins or themes that might be imposing such functionalities.

  3. Use Plain Text - When entering product titles or descriptions, make sure to input them as plain text without any embedded formatting that could trigger link generation on mobile devices.

  4. Test Across Devices - Verify the changes across different mobile devices and browsers to ensure consistency in how product titles are displayed and interacted with.

  5. Consult with Developers - If the issue persists, consider reaching out to web developers or experts familiar with mobile optimization to provide further insights and assistance.

Q&A Section

Q: Why do product titles only generate links on mobile and not on desktop?

A: The discrepancy could stem from how mobile browsers handle text content and apply default behaviors for phone numbers or addresses.

Q: Can this issue impact SEO or search engine rankings?

A: While it may not directly affect SEO, the poor user experience resulting from unintended links can lead to higher bounce rates and decreased engagement.

In conclusion, addressing the issue of generating links from product titles on mobile devices requires a thorough examination of your website's code and styling practices. By following the outlined steps and seeking expert advice if needed, you can ensure a seamless browsing experience for your visitors, free from unwanted hyperlink behaviors.