How to Customize Checkout with Hydrogen Storefront on Oxygen?

How to Customize Checkout with Hydrogen Storefront on Oxygen?

How to Customize Checkout with Hydrogen Storefront on Oxygen?

Setting up an eCommerce store leveraging the power of Shopify with the flexibility of Hydrogen and Oxygen can aid in developing a unique, high-performance storefront. Merchants often encounter a common issue where the links on the checkout page redirect to the default Shopify store instead of the customized Hydrogen storefront. This guide offers a comprehensive solution to this problem, enabling you to fully customize your checkout experience.

Understanding the Problem

When utilizing a Hydrogen storefront, the checkout process often directs users to Shopify’s default checkout page. The primary issue arises when links within the checkout, such as logos or cart references, redirect customers back to the default Shopify store that isn't configured, instead of the Hydrogen storefront you're aiming to showcase.

Common Causes

  1. Default Shopify Links: Shopify's checkout uses its own domain and links by default. This redirect issue happens because the system defaults to the main Shopify configuration rather than the customized Hydrogen storefront.
  2. Theme Incompatibilities: Custom themes might not properly sync or direct to the Hydrogen storefront, leading to mismatched link references.
  3. Missing Redirect Rules: If there are no appropriate redirect rules set up to direct to the Hydrogen storefront, customers will be redirected to the standard Shopify setup.

Solutions to Customize Checkout with Hydrogen Storefront

Step 1: Set Up Proper Theme Redirects

To ensure all links in the checkout redirect correctly, you need to set up proper theme redirects. This can be accomplished by using a 'Hydrogen redirect theme'. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install the Theme: Start by installing a theme that supports Hydrogen redirects, ensuring all links route to your intended storefront.
git clone
  1. Upload Theme to Shopify: Upload the cloned theme to your Shopify store. This theme will be designed to automatically redirect links from OS2.0 to your Hydrogen storefront.

  2. Configure Redirects: Modify or add any additional redirect rules as needed to align with your storefront structure.

Step 2: Customize Shopify Checkout

  1. Access Shopify Admin: Navigate to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Online Store > Themes: Click on your current theme and choose ‘Customize’.
  3. Checkout > Additional Scripts: Input necessary scripts or adjustments to ensure all links are directed to your Hydrogen storefront.

Step 3: Implement Theme Customizer for Further Personalization

For an advanced level of customization, you can utilize tools like the Theme Customizer specifically built for Hydrogen storefronts. Follow these steps:

  1. Install the Theme Customizer App: Find and install a theme customizer app geared toward Hydrogen storefronts from the Shopify app store.
  2. Setup and Configuration: Follow given instructions to integrate and configure it with your current theme setup.
  3. Customize Checkout Elements: Use the app to fine-tune checkout page elements ensuring continuity in design and functionality between your Hydrogen storefront and Shopify’s checkout.

Troubleshooting: Ensuring Seamless Integration

If you've set up the redirects but still face issues, consider these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Review Redirect Rules: Ensure all redirect rules are correctly configured and pointing to the appropriate Hydrogen storefront URLs.
  2. Sync Storefront with Shopify Settings: Double-check that your Shopify settings are in sync with your Hydrogen storefront, especially concerning URLs and domain settings.
  3. Check Theme Updates: Ensure your theme, especially if it’s custom, supports the latest versions and updates which might include necessary fixes or improvements for navigational links.

Q&A: Related Issues and Solutions

Question: Why is my checkout page not displaying the custom theme correctly?

Answer: This could be due to the custom theme not properly integrating with the Shopify checkout. Verify that you’ve followed the custom theme's installation and setup instructions carefully, and ensure all necessary scripts and settings are correctly applied.

Question: How can I ensure my cart data is carried over to the checkout in the Hydrogen storefront?

Answer: Make sure that your redirect rules and any custom scripts are properly managing cart session data. Any interruption or incorrect redirection could cause the session to reset or not carry over accurately.


Customizing the checkout to be in harmony with your Hydrogen storefront on Oxygen is vital for maintaining a seamless user experience. By correctly setting theme redirects and ensuring Shopify's settings are aptly configured, you can resolve this common redirection issue efficiently. Following the steps outlined in this guide will let you provide a cohesive and streamlined checkout process for your customers.